Ideal Standard

Number of Participants: 9
Type of programme: Two day team development event

The Management Team from Ideal Standard challenged Azesta Ltd to help them improve their problem solving and decision-making skills as a team and to improve awareness of each other’s strengths and weaknesses.  They also wanted to have fun!  To achieve this, Azesta decided to incorporate activities delivered by the team at Log Heights.

The two day programme incorporated a mixture of classroom-based learning including Belbin personality profiling, and outdoor activities on the ropes course and the Castle lawns.  The team took advantage of the good weather and chose to have an outdoor buffet lunch on each day.

Accommodation was arranged for the group at the Boar’s Head Hotel in the village where they were all able to discuss their experiences over a gourmet dinner.

We were able to meet the requirements of Ideal Standard by working in partnership with management training company, Azesta Ltd and their skilled trainers and facilitators.

What they said about us:

"The mixture of personal and team challenges that Azesta offered to the team I brought not only met the objective we had to start forming a “self managed” team, but also significantly and positively affected all the individual’s confidence and raised their self esteem. I would not hesitate to recommend the approach and venue to other teams."

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