Mamas & Papas

Number of Participants: 13

The management team from Mamas & Papas came to Log Heights with a number of clear objectives.  These included exploring the difference between leadership and management, working better as part of a team with other managers and identifying the importance of cross-functional teamwork.

This two day programme was based on the Kouzes and Posner Leadership Challenge Model and equipped the group with the tools to inspire, empower and truly engage their team, making a real difference to Mamas & Papas.

The group made use of the Castle meeting facilities and we also booked accommodation and dining at the Boar’s Head Hotel for the team.

In addition to the classroom-based activities, out on the ropes course the team worked together on challenges such as the Mohawk Walk, Beer Crate Challenge and the High Beam, all activities which develop trust, support and cooperation.  To complement these high activities, the group also took part in some lawn-based puzzle solving exercises requiring a high degree of team work and communication.

What they said about us:

"Fantastic course! We came to Log Heights as individuals and left thinking and working together as a team."

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